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Arguably one of the most important elements of a house, the roof boosts the longevity of your home. It acts as a sturdy water shed for the entire structure and protects what matters most. On top of that, a new roof can boost the aesthetic appeal like a facelift for your house. You deserve to be proud of where you live, and we’re here to make it happen.

Our solid team of experts approaches the complex work of putting a roof over your head with skill and ease. We walk you through each step and identify areas we’ve encountered over the years that can pose potential hazards. The most common include flashing, ventilation, ice and water issues, and deck conditions. We also discuss the style, color, and type of shingle desired, and lay out all your options for weights and warranties. Our innovative technology, finger on the pulse of roofing trends, and commitment to quality sets us apart as leaders in our industry. Along with your roof, we’re committed to staying on top.

Our history of roofing boasts long-lasting beauty, top-tier protection, reduction in energy costs, and rise in market value to satisfy what we protect most—you. You’re in solid hands.

When you’re ready, please give us a call at 708-485-3843. We respond with the quality, speed, and care you deserve.

With a proven history of top quality, B&L Builders, Inc. only uses cutting-edge materials. Please click the manufacturer's links below to learn more.

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